ERPA’s PeopleSoft Selective Adoption Process

Selective Adoption Process:

Term that describes a process that lets PeopleSoft customers select changes they want when they want them utilizing PeopleTools.

Collection of PeopleTools that make up Selective Adoption:

  • Change Assistant
  • PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM)
  • PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF)
  • Data Migration Workbench
  • Usage Monitor

Key Concepts of Selective Adoption

Oracle is changing the way they roll-out changes to PeopleSoft. Oracle is now moving to a Continuous Delivery Model rather than build up over 1 ½ -2 years of enhancements to push out as a major release.

  • Delivery of New Features 2-3 Times a Year
  • Get New Features without Upgrading, Ever
  • Take only the New Features You Want, When You Want
  • Maintenance Changes Automatically Included
PeopleSoft Continuous Delivery Model Comparison
Old : Bundles and Updates New : Selective Adoption
Frequent maintenance
Take all maintenance
Recommend staying current
Infrequent enhancements
Major upgrade every 3-4 years
No incremental changes
Frequent maintenance
Take selective maintenance
Determine stay current strategy
Frequent enhancements
No major upgrades
Incremental changes 2-3 times/year

Table 1. PeopleSoft Continuous Delivery Model Comparison

Does not eliminate the typical activities associated with change or long term need to update the incrementally releases to the system:

  • Business Process
    • Assess and Prioritize desired feature release adoption with the functional users
    • Scheduling time for incremental changes verses periodic major changes
    • Develop a sensible maintenance strategy
  • Testing Cycle
  • End User Training

Oracle’s maintenance policies have changed:

Oracle used to recommend staying current with and apply bundles in the correct sequence which no longer apply in the Selective Adoption Process:

  • Users can now skip maintenance or choose what to apply.
  • Process of applying changes is easier in 9.2 allowing people to more easily stay current.

PeopleTools Premium Support:

  • Available until the next release of PeopleTools (every 12-18 months between) is released then for an additional twelve (12) months. Then Extended Support (limited) for twelve more months before entering Sustaining Support.
  • Customers must be on the latest release of PeopleTools to take advantage of the latest features related to the product set.

Cumulative Feature Update (CFO) Tool:

Oracle’s online Reference guide to features and change related to PeopleSoft application releases. Show the latest PeopleSoft features available by suite of product (HCM, FSCM, CS, CRM, etc.) shows the corresponding version PeopleTools required to supports that them.



  • Selective Adoption Process is working for maintenance and feature updates
  • Companies who are most successful understand it, embrace it, and put people & processes in place to take advantage
  • Improved timeliness in which features are made available to customers reducing a process down from years to months or weeks.

How can ERPA optimize your organizational PeopleSoft Selective Adoption Strategy?

ERPA has eighteen (18) plus years of experience supporting PeopleSoft customers. We were conceived, designed, built and evolved solely to provide PeopleSoft service. ERPA has developed a unique PeopleSoft Selective Adoption Strategy with the following.

  • Developing a transition strategy from a reactive PeopleSoft organization to a proactive organization.
  • Developing a roadmap and set schedule for adopting features and functions
  • Fully Managed Services Provider for the application of PUM Images, Fixes, and Features
  • Fully managed services for PeopleSoft PeopleTools upgrades
  • Security and Testing Automation service options to enhance the adoption process

PeopleSoft Selective Adoption Strategy