Health Care

There is likely not an industry that has seen more dramatic shifts over the past 10 years than healthcare. The changes brought by the Affordable Care Act has moved providers from a volume-based to value-based revenue model, increased the requirement for compliance and reporting, changed the risk model associated with population demographics, and introduced resource utilization as a key criteria in the definition of accountable care.

The result of this sweeping change has created a new set of concerns that are impacting C-level executives as they look to drive profitable growth.

ERPA’s healthcare experts ensure alignment of technology solutions with business strategy and implement solutions that deliver improvements in the following areas:

  • Patient safety and quality
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Government mandates
  • CMS reimbursements
  • Personnel shortages

Improved outcomes are more critical than ever. ACO definitions are demanding operational improvements in revenue cycles, operating costs, integration of patient and clinical data, and actionable intelligence, to name a few.

Incentive based reimbursement models, predictive and prescriptive analytics, mobile technology, and employee engagement can be key competitive advantages in the years ahead. ERPA can build the technology roadmaps that put you on a path to an intelligent enterprise that is reliable, secure, and elastic.

Customer Testimonials

ERPA listened to our problem statement and provided solutions that were difficult for us to get from previous vendors. ERPA is a distinct organization which has highly skilled resources to handle our queries in a single project. We highly appreciate their timely response and look forward working with them in the future.

—– A leading not-for-profit organization in Healthcare based out of Georgia.