Learn how ERPA’s Testing as a Service (TaaS) Drives Automation, Efficiency & Cost-Reduction for your Enterprise!

ERPA’s Testing-as-a-Service offers:

  • Pre-created automated and integrated PeopleSoft & non-PeopleSoft test scripts
  • Data driven, decision making, intelligent, and zero touch testing
  • Efficiency – e.g.: 2 hours’ worth of testing in 5 minutes
  • All Devices, all Browsers, all mobile-OS, and all types of integrated testing including Stress/Load and Performance
  • Expedited application of upgrades, bundles, customizations, and regulatory updates (Tax, Fin Aid. etc.)

On-Demand Webinar – Understand the advantages of Automated TaaS and reap the benefits of zero touch testing.

Jai Chitkara – Director
Kiran Beeravelli – Chief Innovation Officer